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This is a utility for merging two NuGet packages (two .NET Framework Versions) into a single nupkg package (Multi-TargetFrameworks).


NupkgMerge.exe -p[rimary] "primary.nupkg" -s[econd] "second.nupkg" -o[ut] "output.nupkg"
  • -P[rimary]
Specifies the primary nupkg file to merge from. (Higher Priority)
  • -S[econd]
Specifies the second nupkg file to merge from. (Lower Priority) Only those items(metadata/files) which are not in the primary nupkg file will be included in the output nupkg file.
  • -O[ut]
Specifies the file name of new nupkg package for the merged output.

To merge more than two packages into a single package, please execute NupkgMerge in iterations. (Pass the previous output file into the next iteration's primary file argument)

For source package created from a csproj or vbproj file, the auto-generated flat list of package dependencies will be grouped into a corresponding targetFramework group (if the source package supports a unique .NET Framework) while merging.


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